Eco-Friendly Travel: How to Be a Responsible Tourist

As global awareness of environmental issues increases, so does the importance of travelling responsibly. This blog post delves into how you can minimise your carbon footprint and respect the natural and cultural environments of your destinations. It also explores how opting for Gatwick Airport cheap parking and comparing airport parking deals can contribute to more sustainable travel choices.

Starting Responsibly at Stansted

Choosing eco-friendly options like cheap Stansted airport parking is just the first step. Compare airport parking deals that include green initiatives such as car-sharing services, shuttle buses that run on alternative fuels, or companies that implement carbon offsetting programs.

Tips for Responsible Tourism

  1. Choose Sustainable Destinations: Opt for locations known for their environmental conservation efforts.
  2. Support Local Economies: Eat local food, stay in local accommodations, and purchase local crafts.
  3. Use Public Transport: Reduce your carbon footprint by using efficient public transportation systems available.
  4. Respect Wildlife and Nature: Always follow guidelines when interacting with wildlife and exploring natural landscapes.
  5. Reduce Plastic Usage: Carry reusable water bottles, bags, and other sustainable travel products.
  6. Educate Yourself: Learn about the cultural norms and environmental issues of your destination before you arrive.


Being a responsible tourist means making choices that ensure the places you visit can be enjoyed by future generations. By starting your journey with a focus on sustainability, such as using eco-friendly airport parking options at Stansted, you set a positive tone for the rest of your travels.

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